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Gastec GV-100-S-TR Plastic/Metal/Rubber Gas Sampling Pump

A2Z Industrial Distributor

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  • Featuring a thermal ring for easy-to-pull handling and one-stroke piston action, the Gastec GV-100-S-TR Plastic/Metal/Rubber Gas Sampling Pump ensures foolproof operation and eliminates the possibility of partial samples. Its advanced detector tubes guarantee more reliable and precise results with lower standard deviation. For faster sampling time and fewer errors, each tube is printed with a direct-read scale, requiring no dual scales or concentration charts. This pump offers precision and accuracy and can measure more than 600 gases and vapors.

  • Diamond tube-tip breaker: The built-in top breaker incorporates a diamond edge that cuts the surface of the detector tube
  • This makes the tip breaking much easier, safer and convenient
  • Soft-Grip cylinder: The pump piston has been designed with a smaller diameter so that the handle can be pulled out with less effort
  • The pump body is covered with a soft elastomer
  • The pump is made of non-sparking materials of ABS resin
  • Light-pull handle: The full-stroke (100ml) and the half-strokes (50ml) positions are marked exactly by the red line on the pump shaft and the handle is precisely locked at those positions
  • Improved flow finish indicator: The attached flow finish indicator tells you automatically when the stroke is complete
  • When the white disk pops out, the sample is complete