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About us

A2Z Industrial Distributor has been in business since 2007. We have positioned ourselves as a nationally recognized supplier of Indirect Material covering Manufacturing, Oil,Gas, and Coal  Industries, Health & Wellness, and Food Services Industries, etc...

Our business infrastructure includes over 135 warehouses and distributions facilities strategically located across the continental US, in order to optimize delivery of merchandise to all customers.

Our customers include both small and large businesses, government agencies, military and educational institutions, health and wellness organizations, maintenance and janitorial contractors, and anyone that likes to shop smart and save big.

Our wide selection of products and outstanding customer service makes A2Z Industrial Distributor a consummate in business. We recognize that in today's global competitive environment, customers need solid quality products with an effective price structure.

Our strong partnerships with branded manufacturers and strategic partners provides us direct focus on serving our customers in the most convenient way.

Our goal is to leverage our buying capabilities, carry a large inventory of products, provide competitive pricing structure with great advantage and value to our customers.