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AIR-LHB630 Face Mask Strap Clip (Ear Savers) 10/EA

A2Z Industrial Distributor

  • $000

Face Mask Strap Clip
Place irritating mask strings onto the clip instead of the ears.
Loop the mask string loops onto the clip’s notches.
The clip rests on the back of the head.
• High-density polyethylene plastic
• Notches on the clip for mask strings
• Easy to clean and re-usable
• Relieves the mask strings on the ears that cause irritations,
redness, abrasions, and blisters
• Semi-flexible plastic fits the curve on the back of head
• Multiple notches on the clip allow adjustments to fit the
mask string lengths
Additional Details
• Size: 1 1/2"H x 6 1/8"W x .035" thick
• Made from black high-density polyethylene plastic
• Sturdy, wear-resistance material resistant to moisture
and chemicals