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3M Formaldehyde Monitor 3720+, With Prepaid Analysis

3M Formaldehyde Monitor 3720+, With Prepaid Analysis

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3M Formaldehyde Monitor 3720+ with prepaid analysis is a cost-effective and convenient way to perform personal air sampling for formaldehyde and certain other aldehydes. It is easy to use - clip it to your shirt lapel, collar, or pocket without interfering with your work activities. No batteries, hoses or pumps or needed to use the monitor to sample your air. Analysis of the monitor at a 3M-contracted lab is included.

Knowing the specific contaminant and exposure levels is important to determine the appropriate respirator and cartridge for your work environment. This information will also help in estimating the life of selected 3M Cartridges. 3M Formaldehyde Monitor 3721+ uses diffusion, rather than a pump, to collect an air sample with an accuracy of +/-25% at a 95% confidence level for certain aldehydes found as workplace contaminants. It has fiberglass coated with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (DNPH) for easy collection of aldehydes and is typically used in health care, laboratories, and in the chemical, pulp/paper, foundry and textile industries. After following all instructions, send the monitor to be analyzed in the 3M-contracted lab. This monitor has a 1-year shelf life from its production date.

  • State of the Art Monitor Design
  • Simple, cost-effective and convenient
  • A valid method for air sampling and analysis of formaldehyde and certain other aldehydes
  • Easy to use. Just clip the monitor to shirt lapel, collar, or pocket